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    I am dead.

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    Transport of KATRIN, a giant anti-neutrino detector, through a small town in Germany

    I have seen this picture a bunch of times now. Can someone please explain to me what this thing does? In terms that I could understand, as a musician who passed physics because my BFF did all the hard questions on the homework for me?

    Their site does a good job explaining it. Basically they are looking for key pieces of particle physics in trying to explain something called “hot dark matter” (no it is not an infection) as neutrinos. Big cosmological questions. That being said I really think it is just a really big beer keg.


  3. This my friends is 14 kinds of cool… I couldn’t help it… TAKE MY MONEY!


  4. I am pleased to say I have 9 of these coming up… and even 2 adults who for some unknown reason are undergoing the same indoctrination willingly.  :)    Proud to be a member of a fundamentalist catholic sect.

  5. Oh there were two trips outside too. The summer of the #clouds continues.

  6. So this pretty much sums up the day for Odin and I. #puppy #naps #dumbcoldgoaway


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    when McGonagall finds out that Ginny is pregnant, and that the Weasley and Potter bloodlines will converge, she marks on her calender the day the child will turn 11 and that is the day she retires 


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    why is “Gospel” so smal

    why is “Reason” bigger than “Eucharist”

    why is “coffee” even on here

    Why is “Reason” bigger than “Tradition”

    Can we redesign this?  I also really hate that words are starting with capital letters when this has different size fonts — it needs to all be upper-case or all lower-case.  Also: does it really need “inclusive” and "inclusivity"? "Welcoming" and "welcome"? There are so many problems here, design-wise and theologically.

    Also, can anyone see the word “Jesus”?

    Of course not.  But I do see “Bishop Spong”

    "Acceptable". Not like all those unacceptable churches you wouldn’t want to be seen dead in. You know the ones.

    Ok then whatever.

    I hadn’t even seen that. Wow…

    Is this “bring your own beer”, “bring you own bees”, “bring your own bombs”, or what?

    Activity time!

    1. Find God in this word jumble. 

    2. Find 10 words bigger than “God” (it won’t be hard!) 

    3. (Extra credit 11th grade math question) Calculate the ratio of exactly how much larger than “God” the words “accepting,” “inclusion,” “affirming,” and “reason” are.

    4. (Extra credit Christian Ethics question) Figure out why I became a Roman Catholic.

    And this is potentially part of the reason my dad left the Episcopal church in his teens. Priorities… Yikes.

    That and it was the same thing every week.

    I mean, experience being the best teacher, just the fact that “inclusive,” “inclusivity,” AND “inclusion” are all on this chart is reason enough to stay far, far, away. It’s one of those words that has stopped meaning what it means in the dictionary. In this case, they have to say it in huge font three times, protesting too much, because they know it’s not true—they do NOT “include” they very carefully exclude and cultivate a certain milieu of demographic types who they wish to favor. The “here comes everybody” of James Joyce’s Catholic church is not what we’re talking about here, this is rich white folks’ political parlor games.

    Edit: Oh wait there’s also “all-inclusive.” Four! Four times!

    But let’s see, if “Jesus” or “Christ” or “Redeemer” or “Savior” are on here, they are in font too small for my eyes. However “BYOB” and “coffee hour” come through fine. So bevs are covered at least. And “via media,” “3-legged stool,” and “Anglican chant,” too, which begins to suggest that this is more of a mutual self-admiration club for fellows with certain sorts of peculiar interests and esoteric hobbies than anything to do with the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

    I wasn’t aware there was “hype”. Who knew? Don’t see Jesus but I see Spong? That is just odd… Is this official or fandom generated?

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  9. chrysostmom:

    I spotted “geeks welcome” on that Episcopal graphic when I zoomed in to try to find if any of the various ways of referring to Jesus were on there.

    Why not just go for “the guys in Dr. Who are probably mostly nominally Anglican!” too?