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    Hockey player makes kid’s day. [video]

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  3. Life as we know it. #life #confirmation #stjohn #reedsburg (at St. John Lutheran Church Reedsburg)

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    Should you tip your delivery driver? Yes. Yes you should. 

    (By Hannah Grant) 

    Always tip your driver, guys. Always.

    True facts.  Cant pay a tip can’t afford the za…


  5. frauluther  this one is for you 

  6. Luther’s Evening prayer from the small catechism. #prayer #evening #luther #easter50 #stjohn #reedsburg (at St. John Lutheran Church Reedsburg)


  7. "Take your sins and throw them on Christ. Believe with a joyful spirit that your sins are His wounds and sufferings. He carries them and makes satisfaction for them, as Isaiah 53:6 says, ‘The Lord has laid on Him the iniquity of us all.’ If we dwell too much on our sins, going over and over them in our conscience, keeping them close to our hearts, soon they will become too much for us to manage and they will live forever. But when we see our sins laid on Christ and see Him triumph over them by His Resurrection, and fearlessly believe this, our sins are dead and become nothing. Our sins don’t stay on Christ, but are swallowed up by His resurrection. That is why Paul says in Romans 4:25 that Jesus ‘was delivered up for our trespasses and raised for our justification.’ In His sufferings Christ made our sins known and was crucified for them. By His resurrection He makes us righteous and frees from all sin. If you are not able to believe then pray to God for faith. This is entirely up to God. He gives faith at times very dramatically and openly, and at other times, secretly and quietly."
    — Martin Luther (via gothicchristian)

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  8. lovesincerelykyanise asked: Oh, sure - catholics sing... just not those of the Roman ilk. (Small c on purpose.) Yep, guess who's Lutheran? :-)








    I assume you have met the gang or shall I summon them?

    *stumbles in dressed in mismatched clothes with bed head hair* LUTHERAN GANG REPORTING FOR DUTY

    Did someone say the word Lutheran? Here we come! Everyone, get out your Book of Concord and your Bible and your twisted sense of humor!


    Activate the Luther Signal!

    This is brilliant.

    Rolling onto the scene in our herring-barrel-mobile.

    Not going to make bad herring humor… Must not…. Ohhh… The temptation…. Cod help us….

  10. Just dropped Daniel off @cuw. Just one more month and two years of #college will be in the books for this dude. Btw he now just about looks me square in the eye. (at Concordia University Wisconsin)